Dr. Arthur Copes

Dr. Arthur Copes - Owner of Bio Wellness Center

Dr. Arthur Copes is a doctor of naturopathic medicine with additional training in areas that range from functional medicine and physical therapy to spinal care and orthotic devices. Recognized as an expert in scoliosis, he has written and spoken widely on subjects related to this condition. Dr. Arthur Copes also holds patents on two biomechanical devices.

Over the course of a medical career that spans well over 40 years, Dr. Arthur Copes has practiced with multiple Louisiana organizations and facilities. He also established and led numerous practices of his own, including Orthotics Research in Gonzales, Louisiana, and both Scoliosis Treatment Recovery Systems and Scoliosis Treatment and Recovery Systems in Baton Rouge, LA., San Diego, CA. Huston, TX, Tamp, FL.

Dr. Copes has owned and operated Baton Rouge’s Bio Wellness Center since 2012. This position allows him to leverage both his medical skills and his administrative abilities to treat patients using a range of naturopathic modalities while promoting efficient business operations and growth.


Arthur Copes
Baton Rouge, LA USA